Monday, October 5, 2009

Nan Does Dallas!

Last week, I was spoiled to have Nan come to stay with me in Dallas from Thursday through Sunday. It was a great long weekend. We went to lunch, ran errands, caught a chic flick, and went shopping. Nan showed up in capris and flip flops, and got caught off gaurd by the early fall weather... so shopping was a must, right? We took a tour of the Cowboys new stadium, which could be an entire blog entry in itself, and splurged on a great dinner at Blue Mesa Grill. I love their Spa Grilled Fish of the Day! Gameday was spent in true gameday fashion- College Football Live at 9am, a nice walk around the neighborhood, and then cheering on the Tigers from Dallas. Layne was lucky enough to get a suite ticket to the Texas A&M game, and went with his college roomates Nick and Zach. The Casa de Court was full again on Saturday night. Nan and I were also able to find 4 suits for Claire to try on. For those of you who haven't heard the great news, my cousin Claire was nominated to Homecoming Court at McNeese University as the Junior Class Representative. She needs a suit, shoes and a hat, and were able to find some great steals at... Macy's! I hope one of them work for her.

The weekend passed by way to fast. I enjoyed Nan's company, and was sorry to see her go. Monday has been quite productive though. Sheets and towels have been washed, laundry is done, beds made, and I've been attacking my to-do list. Only a few more hours left to my domestic work day, and can't wait for Monday Night Football. Vikings vs. Green Bay.... I've been waiting for the showdown for weeks. I love the fall!

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