Thursday, October 22, 2009

2009 Stadium of The Year

Every year, it's my goal to go to a college football game at a stadium I've never been to before. With my unemployment status, I didn't think I was going to be able to hit up a new location... but I did! Last year was a visit to the Big 12- Oklahoma Sooners. This year its the Southland Conference. McNeese is a small school, with less than 9,000- but they put on a GREAT gameday. My favorite perk- you can leave the stadium to go back to your tailgate and re-enter. People had great tailgating set-ups. The food smelled delicious and they had live bands in the parking lots. Every stadium I go to gets compared to Tiger Stadium. Pros: Tickets were much cheaper ($18), and the concession stand was cheap too. Thanks for the hot dog, peanuts, and diet coke Dad! I'm sure RV parking spots don't cost nearly as much either... I could have just as much fun celebrating my Louisiana Saturday night in Lake Charles as I do in Baton Rouge. My impression was that it is alot like LSU, just a smaller school version.

Thank you Dad for helping me realize the my tradition was continuing. I didn't even realize it!

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