Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My Library

Ever since I was a little girl, I have always loved the library. When we were young, I remember Mom taking us there for the summer reading program. There is nothing like the way a library smells, and the stacks and stacks of knowledge and imagination excite me today like it did when I was a kid.

One of the benefits of being unemployed is that I now have time to go to the library. While running my errands today I dropped by, and was once again thrilled by the experience. It's the little things that make all the difference. I picked up a bunch of books- two Marian Keyes novels, "Angels" and "Anybody Out There?". Her novels are romantic comedies, and I love the heroines she creates. They make for an easy read, are great for the beach, and will definitely bring a smile to your face. My Aunt Ellie is a big fan as well. The other three books I chose are period pieces. I really enjoy the books Phillipa Gregory writes (best known for The Other Boleyn Girl), and decided to step out of my comfort zone and try someone new. I chose "Dancing with Demons," a mystery of ancient Ireland (circa 669 A.D), "The Game of Kings," 1547 Scotland threatened by English invasions, and "The Name of the Rose," a mystery involving Franciscans at a wealthy Italian abbey in 1347. I am thrilled to embark on these new adventures. I have a passion for reading, and can't decide where I want to begin.

While I was at the library, I signed up for the book club there. They meet at the last Wednesday of the month, so I requested the book at the library, and am going to go check it out. They also have a knitting group that meets at the library on Friday from 1-3pm. I am pretty jacked up about my first "knitting club" meeting this week, and already have a friend who is going to check it out with me. I knew there were some benefits about this flexible schedule....

Off to the kitchen for me now. We have some friends coming over for dinner and chickenfoot. For those of you who I haven't exposed to chickenfoot, it's a game played with dominoes. I'm obsessed with it, and would love to introduce you to it too!

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