Monday, April 27, 2009

Who Do Voodoo?

We do Voodoo. Check out the freebie given away for the New Orleans Hornets vs. Denver Nuggets playoff game! I'm not sure what's inside the doll, although rumor on the street is that shavings from Billups hair have been collected and stuffed inside. I don't know if it's what is working- but I'm not complaining. It's time to fan up NoLA! Game 4 is tonight!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Quick update...

We didn't go camping this weekend. Layne and I ended up with the weekend in town, and it was really just what we needed. We got a long list of to-do's taken care of, and with the exception of our yard, we're in great condition for the next month and a half of chaos.

Abby had another wonderful surprise this weekend! She was honored as the Outstanding Greek President of the Year. There are more than 20 Greek organizations on LSU's campus, and Abby has given a piece of her heart to Zeta, especially over the past year. Being president isn't easy, as I learned through my friend-face Lauren McQ-nez, who also received this honor when we were seniors (1st year seniors, that is). One of the main reasons Abby delayed going to nursing school was so that she could serve as chapter president, and I am so proud of her accomplishment. I know this is a little validation that she made the right choice when she decided to stay at LSU- and I'm glad. I was a big proponent of the idea!

Stephen spent the weekend in North Carolina. Out of respect for my baby brother, who doesn't want me blabbing his news to the world, I'll resist as much as I can. But, everyone who loves my brother should know that he referred a game this weekend at UNC-Chapel Hill, in the Dean Dome. It was unlike any experience in his life, and I couldn't be happier for Steve O. I can't wait to see him this weekend and hear more about it.

Layne had a tough day at work yesterday- so Super Wifey to the rescue! I knew what my man needed... that's right. I strapped on my LSU apron and got to work. We had Sweet and Sour Shrimp soup (a new personal favorite- because its easy to make, takes no time, and we have most ingredients at the house) and a fresh salad. I little shout out to Monica and Chad- we used our salad spinner that you guys gave us as part of our wedding gift. We thought of you. Layne was my sous chef, and that seemed to do the trick.

And, last but not least, my cousin Jennifer and her husband Brian had their third child yesterday. A little boy, Keegan James, was born on his big sister Ainsley's 5th birthday. Congratulations to the Finnans, I can't wait to meet the little man!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Friend for the Day...

Thursday morning... feels like a Monday. I woke up with a migraine, and can feel it thumping behind my left eye. It looks like I'm going to have a friend to hang out and spend the day with.

FYI - Not sure if this is good or bad yet, but it looks like we'll be cancelling our camping trip this weekend. The burn bans are still in effect in Texas, and it would take away the fun in camping if you can't have a camp fire. The good news: it looks like we might get around to some much needed yard work this weekend, and maybe our favorite soccer star is playing on Saturday morning. TBD.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Energizer Bunnies.... We just keep going and going...

Here's a glimpse of the next few weeks:

April 9-12: A wonderful Easter weekend in New Orleans, filled with boiled shrimp, crawfish, good beer, relaxing at the fly watching the sunset of the river, sno-balls, and quality family time. It was perfect.

April 17-19: Camping at South Llano State Park with Christen and Steven, Nick and Lilie. Great people, great weekend. Can't wait- and I'm evening looking forward to the LONG drive south!

April 24-26: Back in NoLA. We've got a family friend's wedding on Saturday, and Doody's Honey-Do Crawfish Boil Shower on Sunday. We're celebrating my 26th birthday with the family that weekend too. Wohoo!

May 1-3: Open weekend. Thank God. I think by that point, we'll need it. Our lawn will also be in desperate need of some TLC by that point.

May 8-10: Back in NoLA. Mark Armstrong graduates from Loyola on Saturday. Mother's Day Crawfish Boil Pool Party on Sunday at Uncle Paul D's and Aunt Cindy's house on Sunday.

(Our newest housemate moves up to Dallas this week, and we couldn't be more excited! Lauren Simoneaux is interning in Dallas this summer, and will be living in Stephen's bedroom for the summer. Can't wait!)

May 14-17: Back in NoLA. Again. Abby is graduating from LSU on Friday, and Ted is graduating from Holy Cross on Saturday. On Friday night, Abby and Doody are having a crawfish boil graduation party at their new house in Chalmette. With a trampoline. Shot block anyone?

May 21-24: Memorial Day Weekend. I'm flying solo. Reminder: Must see what Lo has planned. Layne is flying to Chicago. Bachelor party for Doody with 20 of the rowdiest guys I know attending. All three Armstrong boys, the Orkus boys, the Donnelly boys... enough said.

May 29-31: Open weekend. Again, yard will probably be in desperate need of TLC.

June 4-7: Abby's bachelorette party in Dallas. Layne is getting evicted, and is spending the weekend in Austin with friends. Our house will never be the same again!

June 11-14: Orkus/Donnelly Wedding Weekend (EEeek! So close!)

June 19-21: Recovery weekend.

June 26-28: Cocchiara wedding weekend in Arizona with Mom, Dad, G-Baby and Layne.

That's right. Only three weekends in Dallas until the end of June. Life is going to be CRAZY for the next three months, but we're looking forward to the quality time and getting to see so many people. I'm going to have to be a domestic godess and Super-Wife to pull off everything we want to do and to stay organized so that we can function while still working 12 hour days through the week. We'll keep you posted as our adventures unfold. Hope everyone had a Happy Easter!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


They are the people you can always call, at any time, night or day. They're the people who will stop what they're doing (burning dryers included), to listen when you need someone to cry to. They are the people who know your tone of voice, and will hop on a plane with a moments notice when they know that you really need a hand to hold. They are family.

It doesn't mean we all have the same parents, or descend from one common ancestral line. One definition in the dictionary defines a family as a group of people who are brought together because of a common origin, characteristics, or occupation.

Not only do I have an amazing family, but I have an amazingly large family. While it stems from my family of origin, my grandparents friends, my parents friends, my aunts and uncles friends, my siblings and cousins friends, have become my family. What's the common characteristic that we share? Love. It's as simple as that.

And when your days are long and the road gets bumpy- there is no better thought to reflect on then the amazing family and support structure that I have in my life.

I'm looking forward to heading home on Friday. With the exception of Abby's shower weekend, one day for Mardi Gras, and our wedding (none of which really count), Layne and I haven't spent a weekend together with our family in New Orleans since Thanksgiving. It's been too long.

NoLA or Bust! Here we come... and we couldn't more excited about it!

Monday, April 6, 2009

The You Are Special Plate and Aunt Annie's Pretzels

I suffer from a severe syndrome- I don't directly acknowledge it often, but I know I suffer from it. It's called Sibling Pride. I'm not sure if its because I'm a big sister, or because I come from a big family, or if its because my siblings are just absolutely amazing... but I've got the fever. I love to brag on Stephen, Abby, and Gregory. Don't get me wrong- "G-Baby" can still be as aggravating today as he was 20 years ago... but I am so proud of who my siblings are growing up to become. Abby's wedding is just around the corner. She's marrying the love of her life, and I truly love and respect Doody for the man he his and the woman he has helped Abby to become. Stephen is chasing his dreams. Despite all the odds and all the obstacles to be a professional referee, he isn't afraid to put himself out there to find happiness. And Gregory, my G Baby, has been on the Dean's list for years. He defines the work hard/play hard balance every college kid needs to find. They aren't perfect... but they sure have impressed me.

And today, I have another wonderful reason to brag on a sibling. Drum roll please....

Abby got accepted into LSU's Nursing School today!

The next three years won't be easy, just like it wasn't easy for Abby to get into nursing school. They changed the program regulations and requirements which has definitely caused some stress along the way- but the bottom line is that her hard work paid off. It always does.

My siblings are such an inspiration to me. Congratulations Abby for getting into nursing school! Congratulations Mom and Dad- your children's accomplishments are a reflection of you guys. And congratulations Doody- it takes a strong man to stand beside a strong woman, and I love the support you show my sissy.

Wish I could be there to celebrate with you tonight Babs! If I had it my way, we'd be sitting at your kitchen table with the You Are Special Today plate and Aunt Annie's pretzels, enjoying your good news. Here's to your graduation on May 15th, and to the second one in 2012!

Friday, April 3, 2009

From the Red Balloon

Most of you have met Jessica Newell, one of our good friends, who Layne met when he first moved to Dallas almost seven years ago. The best way to describe Jessica is stated on her facebook page- She's a media maven, cupcake queen, and puppy momma. Now I have a special plate in my heart for her beautiful dogs, Mia and Macy, and I have a special place in my tummy for the delicious treats she's always whipping together. But today, I need to let everybody know about the other side of Jess, the professional side, our little media maven.

Jess works for the public relations department at Children's Hospital in Dallas. She has covered some amazing stories, and has helped educate our community with heart warming and endearing stories as well as informative tid-bits we could all should know. In order to keep up with the every changing communications industry, Jessica has developed a great idea to open up the good news about Children's hospital to people all over the country, and I want you to check it out.

Send the link to your friends, read a few of the articles. Bookmark it, look at it on your new 3G iPhone while you're waiting for class to start, or sitting in line at the drive through. Going to nursing school? Then take that initiative to gain additional knowledge. Jess is a great writer, and I know you'll be impressed. Don't believe me? Check it out for yourself....