Thursday, October 22, 2009

I Pledge My Loyalty to Royalty

I pledge my loyalty to royalty: All hail Princess Claire!

One of the reason I went to Louisiana this past week was to spend sometime at McNeese University. My cousin Claire was the Junior Homecoming Maid, and I couldn't miss out on the festivities. So I flew into New Orleans on Thursday morning, and by lunch time we were on the road. It's a 3 hour drive on I-10, through Baton Rouge and Lafayette. The homecoming parade and pep rally was on Thursday night. I swear, we drove three hours to help Claire get dressed and see her drive by on a flat bed truck, caught a 30 minute pep rally and firework show, and we were back on the road for the three hour drive home. I don't mind the road time, but we caught a horrible rainstorm on the way back and didn't pull into NoLA till 1:30am. At one point in time, we were going 35mph while crossing the Atchafalaya Basin. Thanks for driving Nan!

Matt, Kristen, Mom and I... Go Pokes!

The Proud Parents, Nan and Po!

Claire and Mom. Loved the tam with the peacock feathers!

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