Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Memorable Quote

Yesterday, Les Miles, LSU's head football coach, was in the middle of his regular Monday briefing with the media when a reporter asked him his thoughts regarding the state of Louisiana really enjoying football season right now with LSU and the New Orleans Saints both being undefeated. His reply made my heart glow.

"Louisiana is the greatest football state in America. It's a place where the women understand what it means and how to play it. The boys grow up wanting to play junior high youth football, high school football, and then play college football for the Tigers. With the Saints winning and the college team doing right, it's a great fall in Louisiana."

It's always been great to be an LSU Tiger, but it doesn't get any better than this. With undefeated Florida and Tim Tebow coming to our house, and College Gameday Live at LSU, it's going to be electric on campus. I remember my days, and am so glad my brother Greg is living up his own. GEAUX TIGERS! As my husband the Aggie would say, "BEAT THE HELL OUT OF THE FLORIDA GATORS!"

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