Thursday, October 29, 2009

My Temporary Home

On Monday night, I drove into Bloomington, Indiana to begin a new adventure in my life as the house mom for the Alpha Xi chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha. Below is a picture of where I'll be living until the Fall semester ends.
The chapter house is both beautiful and large, sleeping 110 girls on three floors. In the front of the house are a few tables that the girls can sit outside and study on when the weather is nice.
Below is the view when you want into the front door. If you head straight back, you'll run into the hallway that takes you to the chapter room and my apartment. You can see the stairs leading to the "dungeon" below. The dungeon is the study room in the basement. To the right is a living room area, and a TV area as well.

If you look to the right when you enter there is a little sitting room that leads to the dining room. Below are some of the sophomores I'm getting to know.

If you head upstairs, it takes you to the TV lounge on the second floor. You can always find the juniors hanging out, working on homework, watching Friends, or playing Mario Kart.

The Alpha Xi Chapter raises more money for their philanthropy than any other Zeta Chapter in the entire nation. So far, they have already raised over $195,000. I am blown away by the efforts they put into it, and am so proud to call them my sisters.

This is the view you have when you walk into my apartment. I've got a little table I have set up as a desk, and Zeta provided a laptop for me to use while I am here at IU. I got a comfortable reclining chair too, which makes me think of my Dad.
Here's the view of the couch and the little kitchenette I have. It's got a sink, a refrigerator, a microwave, and plenty of cabinet space.
I have a closet that runs the entire length of my bedroom wall. And great furniture for all of my belongings.
And to top it all off, I have a great bathroom. It's large, has a tub, and a washer and dryer. What more could I ask for?


Erol said...

I was really curious what the setup would be like.

What are your day to day responsibilities? Are you working a full day, or do you have a lot of down time to check out the campus?

...I'm sure the football stadium was one of your first stops :)

Mitzi said...

You are so right Erol. I drove by the stadium before I even made it to the Zeta house. Lucky me- one of the girls is dating a football player, and he's going to give me a personal tour of the facilities. Life is good!