Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! It's been awhile since I've spent a Halloween at home without a costume, but I have no complaints. I took advantage of the beautiful weather today (in the mid 50's) to get to know campus life at IU a little better. I started off by picking up a tall white mocha at Starbucks, and set off on foot to explore.
The Sample Gates above are the entrance to campus. There is a plaque stating "I hope that our alumni will always insist upon the retention of our precious islands of green and serenity- our most important physical asset, transcending even classrooms and laboratories in their ability to inspire students to dream long dreams..." There is a wooded forest in the middle of campus with winding paths, that are now covered with the fallen leaves. Campus is breathtaking. While I was walking across campus, the bells in the tower below started chiming, and it took me back to my days at LSU. I truly love exploring college campuses, and today was no different.
(As I'm sitting here blogging, 20+ girls just ran into my apartment in their Halloween costumes, party animals and nerds, chanting "Zeta Girls you know you're hot, let me see that booty pop. Woop. Woop. Woop. Woop. Woop." My job is so unique!)
When you walk off campus, you wander into downtown. It's an adorable area filled with stores, restaurants, city hall, etc. The rolling hills and changes in elevation are new to me, and while it's a bit of a workout for the legs, I find it beautiful too.
After lunch and catching up on some football, I made my way over to Assembly Hall for the Haunted Hall of Hoops. Kids of all ages showed up in their Halloween costumes for games, trick-or-treating and autographs. After, the basketball team had their first public scrimmage, and the season kicks off next week. Just like LSU has their baseball dynasty, IU prides themselves on their basketball program. Even though it has been 22 years since Bobby Knight won the Hoosiers a National Title, it was great to experience another sporting venue that has so much pride and history.
And to cap my day off, I made my way over to St. Paul's Catholic Church for mass to celebrate All Saints Day. The priest who said mass was funny, the congregation was casual, and I felt right at home. It's just around the corner from the Zeta house and is definitely in walking distance, but I'll be glad to have my car in the next few weeks as winter is approaching.

It was a nice, fun-filled day of just exploring IU. Things get so hectic at the house, I find that I am enjoying some of the downtime I have to myself. I'm looking forward to kicking back now that the house is empty, watching College Gameday Final, and catching up on some ZZZ's.
Make sure you send some pictures from your Halloween adventures my way!

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