Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fort Lauderdale with the Ladies

Please excuse my absence from the blog. The month of April was one of the craziest months I've had in a long time, and it's taken me half of May to get adjusted back here in Dallas. So where did I leave off? GIRLS TRIP!

I left Dallas on a Tuesday and drove into New Orleans. Heather and I flew out on Wednesday night. Megan drove south from U of F in Gainesville. Amy pretended not to know us since her co-workers didn't know we were tagging along. (Don't worry, the boss knew.)
What better way to start off the trip that margaritas on the beach?

Amy and Heather
We found the best hole in the wall for lunch one day, called The Bearded Clam. The food was decent, the beer was cheap, and the people gazing was hilarious.

Me and Megan

I literally waited for forty-five minutes, but it was well worth it to play the $.01 machines at The Hard Rock Casino. I didn't win, but I was thrilled to go play in the bonus rounds a few times. I know my Granny was smiling at that.

Our last night was spent just relaxing in the hot tub.
The weekend was awesome. I laughed, and man was it good to laugh together. We don't see each other often enough, and this was a much needed break. I owe a special thanks to Aimes for getting everything together, and to Layne for just letting me run off. I love that you understand the important things in life.
To Korey, Tina, Abby, Ashley, Gretchen, The Strain Girls:
The picture above is for you. Heather was having a drink in your name since you couldn't be there with us. While we had a blast, it wasn't perfect without all of you there.
and P.S.- Megan may end up on the mean side of the table. She's got a side we didn't know before our weekend together, and I liked it!

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