Saturday, May 29, 2010

YMCA Champion City

This week was the culmination of a HUGE project that Layne has been working on for the past few months, called the YMCA Champion City project that he did with his Associate Leadership Class. I always love a reason to brag on my husband, but this was really something special. Layne's class was given a $30,000 grant, which they were able to tun into $100,000 and 1,500 of community service. The result: they completely renovated 6000 sq feet of the basement floor at the south side YMCA. Since Layne really led the project, he was asked to MC the event. Here is a pic of him scribbling some notes for his speech.
"Uncle Layne! Uncle Layne! I'm your biggest fan." (That's what I thought the coo's meant.)
I should mention now that our "niece" Ellyson is an amazing baby. And I'm not joking either. Crowds- no problem. Being passed around- no problem. High School marching band- a okay. She's one of the best babies I've been around, and is so stinking cute on top of that.
Layne did a great job in front of the camera, and the coverage on the evening news was great.

Here he is with a couple of his buddies, one who is from Louisiana and another who married a Louisiana girl too. Layne loves his LA connections.

And here is my hubbie's fan club, from near and far away. Behind is a beautiful mural Reel FX designed and they had the class paint by number onto the wall.
And what night would be complete without the You Are Special plate? My in-laws came in to town and surprised Layne, and Mrs. Carmen made several of Layne's favorites. Brina and Scott came over for some King's Ranch casserole, and it ended up being a great night in.

I'll have one more post about this with links to the media coverage from the event. But Honey, let me just say, I am SO proud of you. I had no idea how much went into this project. I knew you were working hard, but now I know what you were working for. You have provided an amazing, state of the art facility that these kids couldn't have afforded. You've given them space to learn, to grow, and to play in. You and your friends will have changed the lives of these kids, and I am so proud to be your wife. Volunteerism is important, and I'm glad you see the value in giving back.

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