Monday, May 17, 2010

I Love Mondays

At least I love a Monday when I wake up to the call of our realtor. Another offer on the house! Now if I can just wait till the hubs gets home tonight to talk about it!

Today, and tomorrow, and the next day (you get the point) I'll be studying for the GMAT. I'd like to really push myself to take it before my summer courses get started.

That's another exciting development in life. This summer I'm going back to school full-time at the University of North Texas. I'll be taking Business Law, Marketing, Accounting, and Finance... all 5000 level graduate courses. I'll be honest- I'm a little nervous after getting back in the classroom after so long, but as one of my classmates reminded me last week- we used to make fun of business majors. (Business and engineering were housed in the same building at LSU, and a lot of buddies that couldn't cut it in statics class switched over.) No hating- my dad and my brother both have/are getting accounting degrees, and now I'm going to jump in the mix. What does this entail? Well I have 5 classes on top of the regular MBA program. I'm taking four this summer. I also need 2 letters of recommendation, an essay, my resume, transcripts, the GMAT... it's alot of work. And my due date is the first week of July!

Other tid-bits I'm looking forward to is my first ever Junior League meeting on Thursday, Pat Green live at the Byron Nelson on Friday night, our friend Sharon's and Brandon's housewarming party... and I'm hoping to get tickets through the hubs for the Byron Nelson Sunday. I'll let you know how that goes.

Hope everyone has a great week!

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