Saturday, May 22, 2010

Pat Green... OMG!

I am so spoiled! Yesterday I was fortunate enough to get tickets to the Byron Nelson with my friends Gina and Melissa. Gina and I have been friends since I interned at Merit, and Melissa is someone Gina has worked with at another job whose company I enjoy as well. We had great tickets for the Chairman's box on the 17th fairway. It was a short hole, a Par 3, so we had a great view and a great time. Pappas Steakhouse catered the event, so for lunch we dined on salmon, steak, gulf shrimp, lobster bisque, green beans, and mac and cheese. Open bar all day long, and to top it off, there was a free Pat Green concert after. Layne and Gina's boyfriend Jeff met us out there when they got off of work, and we bumped into several friends throughout the day.

The Bryon Nelson was awesome, especially for the 16 year old junior from Jesuit who made his PGA debut this weekend (and made the cut!). When he got to the 17th hole, there were 3000+ people there to support him. It was unlike any golf match I've experienced before. Dallas went nuts for its hometown hero. But Pat Green, I mean, PAT GREEN! Yes he has gained some weight since I was back in college, but who hasn't. His Texas country singing and song writing hit home. It reminded me of his concerts at the Varsity and how much fun I had with my Zeta ladies jamming out to him. And when he played Babydoll live, I couldn't get J Todd on the phone quick enough. (It was our vacay anthem one year, and we still call each other every time we hear it on the radio.) The concert just took me back to another time, and reminded me of the great friendships I made in college and have held on to for a decade now. Love you Friend Face- I missed you last night.

So a special shout out and thank you to Gina and Layne for hooking us up with the tickets. Good friends, good food, good athletic event, good music, and open bar... does a Friday get any better than that?
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