Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Congratulations Layne on ALC!

Today we got some wonderful news for Layne. Two weeks ago, he applied for a program called the Associate Leadership Council. It's a program for +/- 30 people, who range in age from 27-37 years old and are involved in the Dallas Real Estate community. It's an amazing program built around networking, career development, and service. It's a serious time commitment, and is something Layne has considered doing the past few years, but with the house and the wedding we decided it wasn't the right time. He applied this year though, and today he got the phone call stating he had been selected for the program.

I am so proud of Layne. He is such a hard worker. I don't know if people realize his work ethic and his commitment to his career. Ever since moving to Building Solutions, Layne has loved his job, but he has lost interaction with peers his age. The next co-worker in age is 57. Layne is turning 30 in December.

ALC is a nine month program. One Friday a month will be dedicated to the program, along with an overnight retreat and other activities. It's a major time commitment, but I'm willing to give up a few hours here and there. I know how good this will be for Layne and how much he will enjoy it.

Congratulations Layne! I knew you would be selected, and love to brag on you once again. Wohoo! It's time to celebrate now! Tex-Mex for dinner?!?

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Jessica said...

Yay! Congrats, Mr. Court. Such great news!