Wednesday, August 12, 2009


We had a nice weekend in Dallas, filled with family, friends, and chores. We tackled our master bathroom, master and guest bedroom, cleaned the floors, a couple loads of laundry... all musts on our to-do list. The work wasn't any fun, but we were glad to have it done.

On Saturday, we stopped by an Estate Sale in our neighborhood. One thing I've learned is that our neighbors have some really nice things in their homes, and there are some great deals if you pay attention to them. Layne and I had hit up Sonic Happy Hour for my weekend Route 44 Sweet Tea and Layne's Ocean Water, and we decided to drop in. We ended up walking away with our very first art purchase. We have several prints up in the house, and a canvas painting passed on from my Granny, but this is the first thing we purchased together. I know the picture is a little blurry, but the painting is of the Moulin Rouge and a street corner in Paris, France. Layne and I traveled there together in Jan 2007, so it has some personal meaning to us. They're impression style, original oil painting from Italy that were framed in New York and made their way down here. We haven't hung them yet, but we are both pretty excited about them.

I also got new tennis shoes this weekend. The shin splints and ankles rubbed raw had to go. My husband spoils me... I'm so excited. Yesterday I walked 4 miles in them and could definitely tell the difference. How nice!

Tonight I've got an easy 45 minutes of cross training, and then I'm off to Sewing 201. I'm making a tote bag tonight. You're going to LOVE my fabrics! Fundraising for the 3 Day is going great. I've already had a good response, and have yet to really make an effort. I'm inspired by what I'm doing, and it gives purpose to every day of the week. It's a good feeling.

In other news, Gregory is back at LSU and (drum roll please) he found out this week that he was accepted to the College of Business! LSU's business school was just ranked the #26 public business school in the country, and I'm really proud of my brother's determination and hard work over the past few semesters. I knew you could do it G-Baby, and am so proud of you for believing in yourself too! Abby starts nursing school today, so her world is about to change significantly too. Doody took her to buy a bike this weekend (her husband spoils her as well). Abby has had back problems for years, and cycling is a great way for her to exercise. I think this will be a great outlet for her this year. Stephen is working for Jefferson Parish school system right now, substitute teaching and working as a caregiver with special ed students. It's great part-time work for him until he moves back to Dallas in October. (Layne and I can't wait!)

That's all I've got for today. Stay tuned for the results of my next sewing project!
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