Thursday, August 13, 2009

But I Don't Wanna...

Today is the first time that I'm starting to dread my training. The walking isn't bad, but it really does take up a good bit of time. I've got 5 miles tonight, 10 miles on Saturday, and 6 miles on Sunday, which brings my total for the week to 24 miles! Man, they are adding up quick!

I'm prepping myself as I enter my first weekend with a long distance challenge with music playlists on my iPhone. I've got the Golden Band from Tigerland, filled with an interview with Billy Cannon, the game clip from his famous 89 yard run, and songs titled the Ballad of Pete Maravich and Archie Who At LSU. I pulled a 58 song playlist of the shared drive at work, filled with songs co-workers have compiled for cardio workouts (I know- I work at such a cool place), and for when I really loose all drive, I've got a praise and worship mix too. That always does the trick for me.

I'm using my support system as my motivation- A special thank you to everyone who has signed up to play the NFL One Pick this year! (My money is on Emil taking the pot!) And I've had several new donors. Thank you Kimbeaux, Amanda Exner, and Vita Carbo for your $20 donations! I'll be thinking about all of you as I soak up the sun this evening and over this weekend. So far, 5% of my goal has been reached with 15% reached through verbal commitments. I am so appreciative to everyone for your enthusiasm and support. It really goes a long way- thank you, and keep it coming!

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