Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Wonderful Labor Day

I had a bit of the blues heading into Labor Day as a member of the growing unemployed population, but it turned out to be a wonderful weekend.

My mom and dad, sister, Aunt Ellie, Uncle Paul D., Aunt Cindy, and my cousins Jeff, Paul, Ted and Megan all flew into Dallas to celebrate the Labor Day weekend. The kids stayed at the house with Layne and I and the parents had rooms at the Hilton Lincoln Center across the tollroad. They could have easily walked back and forth- if it wasn't for the number of Macy's bags that had to go with them!

In true Reynolds women fashion, we hit up several Macy's to scope out the Labor Day Sales. Abby and Doody got a great deal on a new set of luggage they purchased with money from their wedding, and they sure did need it to get back home. There was one moment when my mom was checking out at two registers at the same time, and a memory of my Granny's laugh came to mind.

It was wonderful to have our family over for dinner and to watch the LSU game. I met Layne 3 years ago on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend, and we enjoyed having both of our families together on a day important to the two of us. We enjoyed it even more because both Texas A&M and LSU won. GEAUX TIGERS! WOOP!

I loved watching my wedding video at my house with my family. I never thought I would have that experience. It was such a simple thing, but it made me so happy.

In short- it was nice to have my family at our home. It was like a mini-family holiday together, and Layne and I got to host. I love how my family will just sit around and chat, for hours, all day. And I loved seeing everyone doing it at our island and breakfast nook. I was spoiled to have so many people here, together.

Back to the work week- I'm glad it'll be a short one. Tomorrow is my first walk around White Rock Lake. I'm looking forward to the change in scenary! And this is the final week to sign up for the NFL One Pick game I'm hosting in order to raise money for my 3 Day Walk in Atlanta. Let me know if you're interested!

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