Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Part II

After we left Reece's game, Layne, Stephen and I headed over to Terrell, Texas. Stephen called a game at Southwest Christian College. I'm so busted for posting these pictures, but I know all of you wish you could be up here to see him- this is as good as I could get!

It was... how should I put this... interesting. Let me paint the picture: Stephen referred two colleges whose teams were all African American. There were no white boys playing ball on Saturday. The other two referees were also black. There was one white girl on the visiting women's team that had the first game and her mother, and then there was Layne and I, the only two Caucasian fans in the stands. There we are, Layne with the day's paper and me with a book. Do you think everyone knew who we were there to watch?
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Kimberly said...

haha. i'm loving it. when i went to watch i also had a book. i don't think it was quite as obvious for me though.
i like the pics, i'll have to show some people too! sorry, Stephen!!