Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Our Shopping Spree

After the soccer game this weekend, Layne asked if I wanted to drop by Bassett and see Brina at work. I didn't think anything of it at the time, so I agreed and off we went. As we were pulling into the parking lot though, it dawned on me. I asked Layne if we were just there to visit Brina, or if he was planning on furniture shopping as well. All I got back was a "Mwah Ha Ha Ha Ha."

That was on Saturday. By 5pm on Sunday, we had officially loaded up on all of our furniture needs. First, Brina found a rug for us for our front entrance to the house. It's round, very traditional, and looks great in the space. It definitely needed something. The rug is originally $500, but we walked away with it for $50. It was a steal, like everything else we walked away with.

We got new bar stools for our island too. Our island is a great feature in the house, but the chairs we had weren't working for us. We really wanted swivel chairs, because we're constantly looking behind us into the living room when sitting at the island. So while we were at Bassett, we found these great chairs in Clearance. Brina's store is the clearance center for the entire state of Texas, so we really are spoiled. We'll probably end up changing the fabric on the stools so that they tie in better with our breakfast nook, but that's an easy project we're looking forward to.

We've been without a bed for weeks now. We were rushing to pack and get out of town, threw luggage on the bed and crack... that was it. Neither of us have been sleeping well, and after my last trip to Colorado, it was too much. When I got back, Layne informed me he slept too good without me to continue in the queen any longer. So we found a great deal on a California King in the Clearance center, that is actually still on the floor. We had to spend an extra $100 on missing parts, but it was such a bargain. Brina helped us out with a mattress too. We lucked out.

Layne found a couch that fits him, which is no easy task. It's long, it's deep, it's extremely comfortable. The brown leather is going to look good in the living room, and we're all excited about getting it to the house. While this wasn't a "need" in our life right now, we were able to get the sofa at cost, and Layne didn't want to walk away from this opportunity. Happy Valentine's Day Husband!

And last but not least... we got office furniture. The line we selected is modular, so you can pick and choose the pieces you want to put together. The main reason we chose this line was because of the flexibility for leg room for Layne. Desk shopping is a problem for Long Legs... let's be honest, all shopping is a problem for Long Legs... so we were extremely excited to have found something that fits the space we have to work with and allows Layne to fully extend his legs. We have my old kitchen table in there right now, and it just wasn't working out for us.

The furniture isn't coming this weekend due to our mini vacay to New Orleans for Mardi Gras, but hopefully we'll have it all in place the following weekend. And as it just so happens, my furniture is still going to go to good use. See, my little sister and her fiancee just moved into their new home this weekend. They don't have all the furniture they could use yet, so the couch, table, island, and six chairs are going to make their way back down to Louisiana for the future Mr. and Mrs. Donnelly to use at their new place. Abby was with me when I picked out my furniture, so I'm glad it's going to good use. The table is a great project table, and the island will be perfect for storage. I can't wait to see it all at their new home.

Last night, Brina and I used our Macy's gift cards to buy new linens for our master bed and Granny's bed in the guest room. I couldn't have been happier with our selections, and I know Granny is smiling at my Macy's purchases for her bed. Aunt Ellie even called me while I was walking around Macy's- she was on her way there herself. I took it as a sign we were making the right decisions.... hehe.

We're excited that the house is starting to come together, and we're enjoying putting the finishing touches together. I'm loving the "nesting" phase we're in right now.

Random Note: Last night I got home, and Stephen was in the kitchen cooking dinner. I've got to give S.O. props- he was making hush puppies. (He and Layne were super excited to use the mini fryer Mrs. Holly gave us at our wedding shower.) They were delicious. Our grandparents (on both sides of the family tree) would have been so proud.

Only 4 more days till we're back home... and 5 till we're on the avenue. It's Carnival time! Can't wait to see everyone on the Avenue!

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