Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thankful on A Thursday

I have come to love Thursdays now. I look forward to sharing and giving thanks for all of the blessings in my life- large and small. This week is no different.

7.) I'm thankful for a family that is musically inclined, and that my family's passion has been passed on to me.
Tonight I'm off to the theater to see DCI 2010: Big, Loud & Live 7. DCI (drum corps international) is a group of professional marching bands that travel throughout the season performing across the country, and then culminates in a World Championship. The music is amazing. Their movements are precise. It's technical, challenging, and a pleasure to watch. We were fortunate to see several corps perform when we were kids, and I'm excited about tonight. I may be flying solo in Dallas, but it's fun to know my family will be watching the same thing at the same time as me.

8.) I love College Football live.
Seriously- it's a half and hour of heaven everyday. Today, Texas A&M received some serious praise- the best passing attack in the Big 12. And everyone agreed, Texas A&M will beat OU at Kyle Field this year, marking the rise of the Mike Sherman era at A&M. I'll be honest, it gave me goosebumps. I feel like good things are in store for our Aggies, and we're getting pumped. And while there are lots of things to be said about LSU, that may be better on another post. :)

9.) I am thankful for our Doody.I know I have a seriously case of oldest child syndrome. I always have. And as a result, I'm a little mother hen. I always want to make sure my siblings are okay. Their happiness is so important to me. I want them to celebrate life, to live and love to the fullest. Their joy is my joy- and that is what I love about family. So to see my sister with Dustin, well... it's one of the most beautiful things in the whole world. Dustin is an amazing man. His character is upstanding. Gregory said it best- the world needs more men like Doody. I love Doody like I love my brothers. I love the way he loves my sister, and I love the way he loves our family. I am SO thankful for our Doody. There is no one else I'd rather have for a brother -in-law. St.Bernard Fire Department is lucky to have a man like you.

10.) The Camellia Grill It's rare that we stumble across such a significant place in New Orleans that Layne hasn't experienced. Even though we've only been together four years, Layne has done an amazing job of checking out New Orleans like a local would. So when we landed 1:30 later than planned and options for dinner were limited, Camellia Grill came to mind. And once we figured Layne was a first timer, it was a must. Abby met us there around 11pm, and we let Layne enjoy the fine dining experience.When Camellia Grill re-opened after Hurricane Katrina, it became a special symbol of the rebirth and rebuilding of the city. It reminded me of another little thing I love about home, the community, and it was the perfect welcome home.

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Gini said...

I am so ready for college football. It's rpetty much what we live for all year long. I gre up in New Orleans, so I'm an LSU fan. My husband is a Tennessee fan despite the fact we both went to Alabama. Our kids are going to grow up very football confused- but at least they will grow up loving football!