Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Carnival Cruise: At Sea

So, I was really spoiled this summer and was able to head back to New Orleans and hop aboard a Carnival Cruise with family and friends. We did this a few years ago when my Uncle Paul D and Aunt Cindy got married, and it was an amazing time. When I found out that Abby was going without Doody, I jumped at the chance to go too. When was the last time Abby and I had days to hang out with Layne and Doody around? I love our men, but I love good sister time too.

We had a great time at sea, and we had a great time in Mexico. Here's Mom and I hanging out in the shade. It's official- I have Reynolds skin. I am going to burn bad. So the best answer I came up with is the shade. Lucky for me mom and Uncle Paul D were flanking my sides. And of course we got primo seating- everyone else were just a few feet away catching rays.

Special shout out to my dad who participated in the Hairy Man Contest and has a nice, shiny, medal to prove it! You're moves were impressive dad and you made us proud. Did anyone buy the cruise video with it on film? I have got to get a copy of that to show my kids one day.
Aunt Cindy and I found our way to Bingo games. Of course we didn't win, but we sure had fun playing.
And wouldn't you know, the cruise casino had my very favorite slot machine ever... The Frog Prince. My grandparents took me to the casino to play the slot machines for my twenty-first birthday, and this was one of their favorites. As you can see, it's something special to several us, and we could often be found sitting at that one machine. I put $10 in when I started playing, and I took $10.14 out when I was done at the end of the weekend. That's what I call hours of free entertainment!
And of course, the views (and the desserts) were amazing. We didn't see any of the effects of the oil spill, but my parents did get to see what the offshore oilfield environment looked like. I was really excited for my parents to get to see where I worked and what it entailed, and it meant more to me than I thought it would.

I love being on the water. Working offshore got me in a rhythm of seeing the sunrise and sunset over the gulf, and there is something peaceful and relaxing about it. It was nice to have that feeling rush back over me. It was hard though, to look out upon the open water and think about the friends who have been lost at sea. Being there made the situation all the more real, and it definitely tugged at my heart.
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