Thursday, February 18, 2010

Who Dat Nation

(Be prepared for too much info below- but I couldn't resist.)

The city of New Orleans is alive and on fire... most people never believed that the Aint's could one day become the Saints and actually win a Superbowl. You see it everywhere- half the city still wears Saints attire everyday of the week, my brother Stephen included. You can hear it- the music was flowing on St. Charles Avenue and everyone loves "to stand up and get crunk." It flows through the blood of the people. People are thrilled, and just witnessing it will give anyone a thrill as well. It's unlike any sport event I've ever experienced. Who Dat!

Below are a couple of favorites:

You make not think much of this, but did you know that in the days following the Superbowl a significant portion of the state of Louisiana really did freeze over? It snowed, which is a real rarity, and even stayed on the ground. Layne and I drove through a snow covered Louisiana on our way into town!

And this, well, need I say much more? A friend of my brother made a bet with another one of their buddies at the second game of the year. He agreed to get a tattoo on his ass if the Saints won the Superbowl. Above is the proof.
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gross....that guy has a hairy butt crack!!!