Friday, February 5, 2010

Happy 23rd Birthday Sissy!

This picture was from the big 1-9!
I could go on for days about my sister Abby. You all know her, and I have no doubt that in some way she has touched your heart- because that is who Abby is. She is always there with a note, a quote offering support and encouragement, saying something silly to make you smile. Abby is a wonderful friend. She will always put you first, and will never hesitate to go the extra mile to make you happy. Just for today, because it is your birthday, I will give you the title of "Daddy's Favorite." See- I know how to share.
Stephen, Gregory, and I are so lucky to have you as our sister. We love to spend time with you, and hang out with you. Your friends are our friends... just look to your husband for example. Thank you for giving me Annie, Lo, Megan, and the other amazing women in your life who are now apart of mine. I love that we can share those relationships, and I love that we share so much in common. I'm glad LSU was everything you wanted it to be, and that you stayed for all four years to truly live the collegiate experience. I couldn't have been prouder of you on your graduation day.

So many times I reflect on how proud I am of you- how special and amazing you are. And then I think I'm lucky, because I know that while I admire so much about you, I know it goes both ways. You may have been my little sister, and then my sorority sister... you will always be my sister, but more importantly you're my friend- one of my best friends, and not everyone can say that. I love how close you are to my friends. I love that you treat my husband like he is your brother and has been around for decades. You never forget to make the little things special.
Can I believe that you are 23 years old today? No. I remember sharing our room with twin beds. I forget about the bickering, or how much my mess drove you crazy. I remember whispering in the dark as mom yelled at us to fall asleep. I remember the dances you were constantly making up. I still think you could have been a Carmelette. I remember Canon D, on repeat, over and over.
And now here we are. You are 23 years old. I'll turn 27 later this year. You've gone back to school, and now I am too. No kids on the hips yet, but we have met wonderful men, made a commitment to them, and are making lives for ourselves. We both value the important things: faith, family, and friends. And although we live 550 miles away from each other, we make each other a priority. We spent twenty-something weekends together last year. It doesn't get any better than that.
I Love you Sissy. I am so proud of you. I wish I could be there tonight to celebrate your birthday dinner. Have fun. Till next week.... XOXOXO

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