Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Collin Andrew Hill

Like I mentioned before, it's baby mania over here in Dallas, Texas. Layne met Mark Hill at his previous job, and we've stayed close friends with the couple. They grew in New Orleans (on the Westbank) and went to O Perry Walker. Collin is such a sweet baby. For those of you in town for Labor Day weekend, you met them while the LSU game was on. Mark is the only person in Dallas who screams at the TV like my momma and I do. Mark got his degree from UNO, and Joy got hers from LSU. Mark is now the controller for Pan America and Joy is a manager for E&Y.
We can always use another Tiger fan up here, and I'm pretty thrilled the little man was born into the glorious reign of the Black and Gold.
They'll be in town for Mardi Gras as well from Wednesday through Sunday, so you may see them around the apartment. If so, say hello!
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