Monday, February 1, 2010

Lil Bambinos..

It seems slightly odd, but lately we have been surrounded by babies. Friends from college, friends from high school, and now our friends here in Dallas are becoming parents as well. Friday night was spent with Ben Newell and his little angel Ellyson. Saturday, we went and visited Collin Andrew, Mark and Joy Hill's newborn, and then we went north to play with Reece and Addison.

Let me be clear: Layne and I don't want kids at this point in our life. We've got some growing up to do still, and we're content to just be "us" for the moment. But there is nothing like a newborn to brighten your day. I love feeding, changing diapers, the whole nine yards... and look forward to having several kiddos on my hips one day in the future.

Right now I'm off to the mall with Joy Hill. She want to walk to get some excercise in, and I am always up for a workout buddy. Besides, a little window shopping never hurt!

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