Sunday, March 21, 2010

St. Patty's Day

Dallas does St. Patty's day in style, and Layne and I made sure we partook in the celebration. We started the day off on the parade route, where I was able to meet several of friends Layne has made through his Associate Leadership Class. One couple went to LSU, and one guy was from Shreveport, so there was alot of common ground to discuss. We had a blast, and I'll admit, it was a parade like no other I have seen. The group we were with threw things at the floats. Never, in my 26 years of Mardi Gras, have I ever seen something like it. This year, they threw marshmallows and tortillas... 2500 tortillas actually. And it worked. The more we threw at the floats, the more they threw at our group. Should we try this in New Orleans?

After the parade, we progressed to the block party on Greenville. We grabbed lunch at Cafe Brazil, and then decided to head home. After a quick shopping trip (for the husband to get new sunglasses... and a tie, and pants, and new kicks) we headed home for a late afternoon nap.

It was one of those wonderful days in Dallas when I couldn't be happier...quality time with my husband who just happens to be my best friend too. Life is good.
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