Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Break 2010

Last week was Spring Break for Reece and Addison, and since I'm not working right now, I was able to help Christine and Chad out so they didn't have to take more time off of work. Layne was in San Antonio for work for a few days, so I went and stayed in Prosper for a few nights... and had a blast. Our week started off at the Wal-Mart so we could buy our copy of The Princess and The Frog. The girls got their copy, and so did Layne and I. We loved the musical. It does a great job of depicting the culture I grew up in, and the character Tiana is even based on the grandmother of a girl I went to high school with. Layne and I took the girls to see the movie over Christmas break, and it's fun to continue a tradition with them.
What would a girls week be if we didn't get our shopping in? So we headed to Ulta, where the girls were able to pick out nail polish and lip gloss. After that, we went back home and did manicures, and watched our new movie for a second time.
The girls even had a special lunch appointment this week with their Uncle Layne. They brought him lunch, and they were able to meet his boss, Mr. Bill.

Reecce (turns 6 in May) on Left, Addison (3.5 in May) on Right
And last but not least, I was finally able to take the girls to The American Girl store. Both of the girls were given Bitty Baby dolls for Christmas from Layne and I, and although we didn't make any major purchases, I was able to do some re-con for Reece's birthday gift. We did walk out of the store with earrings for the babies though. This Aunt is one big pushover.

Back at the House watching... you guessed it!
The Princess and The Frog

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