Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It's Official- I'm In!

When I was in 8th grade, I had to choose where I wanted to go to high school. I thought a lot about my options and considered going to Dominican, Ursuline, Cabrini. When it came time, I had to submit my application card. Then there was a testing day, and I had to go in for an interview... and then came the letter. If I remember right, my Mom brought the mail and Nan showed up with balloons. I got in to my first choice! Mount Carmel Academy, here I come! And before I knew it, 1997-2001 had flown by. I had four magical years as a Ragdoll filled with Spirit Days, Gym Day, dances, and friends. We started as 275 kids, and graduated as 240 young women. Going to an all-girls high school in New Orleans was one of life's greatest treats, and I will always be indebted to my parents for the sacrifices they made to make it happen. Going to high school with 1000 women everyday was an experience that has forever shaped who I am.

As soon as I left for LSU, I started to feel that void in my life. I missed being with so many women, working together for the good of our community or school projects. It didn't take me long to figure out what I wanted. So when Zeta Tau Alpha opened its doors and offered me membership, I jumped at it. When I called my mom and Abby to tell about my decision, they hung up on me. But the sorority and the Greek system again exceeded expectations. From 2001-2006, I was surrounded by women again who had common ground, a purpose, and organization. It was another stage in life, another family of women who had touched who I was and had shaped who I am. Yes we were a social organization, but we believed in service. And our efforts to raise money for breast cancer research, awareness, and education kept us busy throughout the year.

But then college ended and the "real world" started. I felt the same void in my life, even though a I had just met an amazing man (Layne). I worked with almost all men, so the majority of my friends and acquaintances were guys. Layne has introduced me to some amazing people who have become my friends and family here in Dallas, but I still struggle with that void. I want to get together with women like me who have the time and desire to meet new people and get involved with the Dallas community. I want to know how my city is growing, what challenges it faces, and what I can do to make a difference. And now, that desire has finally come true. Today I officially got accepted to the Dallas Junior League! Opening my letter today brought me back to that moment in 8th grade when Nan gave me my balloons, and I was thrilled by the realization of the good things to come.

My first meeting is on May 4th... What a way to start off my 27th year!

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