Thursday, July 16, 2009

Weight Watchers... Beginning Again

Today is the day... after weeks of excuses and laziness, today is the today I'm headed back to Weight Watchers. I started taking some medicine a few weeks back that I knew was likely to cause me to gain some weight. I've been watching the scale like a hawk, secretly hoping it wouldn't happen, but it has. So rather than whine and throw myself a pity party, I'm headed back to the program I know works for me.

The first time I gained weight cause of a medication, I did Weight Watchers. My body will consistently lose +/- 2 lbs a week if I follow the program. It worked in college, and I have no doubt it will work again now.

Last night, I tackled the big trip to the grocery store. We haven't been in awhile because of our travels, so we were due. I got the basics we were in need of, and I planned several meals for the next two weeks and got the necessary ingredients for them. Layne is going to love this, because I'll be forced to cook on a regular basis now. I cleaned out the refrigerator, prepped what I could, and before I knew it, it was already 10pm. I started my little journey before 6pm.

I've got to admit... I'm a little excited. I went and got a pedometer at the sporting goods store this week, and I've got a group of girls who are going to be walking the Galleria with me at lunch. I used to walk 15,000 + steps a day when I was in college. Now I don't even hit 7,000 steps on weekday. It's good to be conscious of it, and my goal is going to be to average 12,000 steps 3-4 days a week. There's a walking track at the high school in the neighborhood, and even though it's CRAZY hot here during the day, it cools down enough that I can get a few rounds in around 8pm.

I'm going to attend meetings on Thursday (to give me some time to make up for the weekends), so you can look forward to my posts in the future. I figure by sharing with all of you, you can help hold me accountable. When I was in college, my Granny and I were both doing Weight Watchers. I'd call every week when I got out of my meeting to let her know how I did, and vice versa. We weighed in on the same day. I'm sure I'll think about her often as I go down this road, but when I do I'll be sure to remind myself of how lucky I am. Not many people are as close to their grandparents and I am, not many people have the time with them that I did. Maybe now that she's upstairs, she can pull some strings and make the process a little easier for me... or at least help me get organized so I'll be better prepared for it.

I'll also be sure to let you know about my adventures in the kitchen. I have a knack for making some crazy mistakes, and I wouldn't want you to miss out on the fun.

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