Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Girl's Day Out! ...and other random thoughts

I've delayed this blog post waiting for the picture of all us ladies... but here it is anyway.

A few weekends ago, the Court ladies got together to celebrate Sabrina's birthday in style, starting with brunch at Breadwinners followed by seeing The Chorus Line at Fair Park. Mrs. Carmen spent Saturday night at the house with us, and Jessica Newell came along with us too. Since Reece is becoming a big girl now, we brought her along as well. It was a wonderful Sunday afternoon. I loved seeing Reece watch the dancing with her big eyes open wide. There was one part where the dialogue was lengthy and she got a little sleepy, but other than that she did great. I've never seen her awake and quiet for so long. At one point, I asked if she liked the show, and she put her finger over her lips and nodded her head. Too cute. When the show was over, the first thing she said was that she wanted to see more. I'm glad she enjoyed it, and I'm thrilled we had an afternoon with just the girls. It was the first time we've been able to do something like this, and I sure hope we don't wait as long till the next time.

And while I'm on the topic of Sabrina, I want to let everyone know she found a new job that she accepted and will start next week. She's getting a laptop, a blackberry, has the flexibility to work out of the house... it seems like a great opportunity for her. It's a sales position, although I'm hesitant to blog about it and misrepresent her product. You'll have to ask her yourself! We're really excited about the change though, cause Brina will now have her weekends to herself. I grew up with Sunday as a family day, being spent with aunts, uncles, and cousins at my Maw Maw's house in the evenings. I enjoyed that, and hope to have an opportunity to get together with Layne's family more often now that Brina and Scott will be able to join us. I love their company... but let's be real, Sunday dinner's would be pretty awesome too. :)

For those of you who have been wondering how my exploits in the kitchen are going... believe it or not, it could be worse. I've only ended up in tears once, and I think I can bake chicken pretty well now. Soups are my specialty. (Kitchen 101... what did you expect?) Some of my family is headed to Dallas for Labor Day weekend this year (Uncle Paul D and Aunt Cindy, Meg, Paul, my Mom and Dad, Abby... maybe Aunt Ellie and Jeff), and I'm looking forward to cooking a meal at the house for them. I'm practicing, and I think I would make my Granny proud- at least for the effort.

And finally- I want to shout out to my Paw Paw, my dad's dad. Yesterday would have been his 88th birthday. He's been gone from this world for a few years now, and while the pain isn't as fresh as the loss of Granny and Grandpa, you never stop missing loved ones. My grandpa was larger than life- literally and figuratively. Our big mouths... just like him. Our ability to share our passion... learned from him. Family is the priority... taught by him. My dad's parents were simple people, they didn't have money, they weren't social butterflies like my Granny was. They valued family, they valued education, they valued Holy Cross. I know he is looking down at our family and how we have grown and it would bring a smile to his face. He has 12 grandchildren, 16 great-grandchildren... and the youngest 5 grandchildren don't have kids yet. He would be proud of what he and Maw-Maw have created. And that knowledge alone makes yesterday a beautiful day.

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