Monday, July 6, 2009


Ahhh... back from an amazing weekend in Mexico. Actually, we're not back. We arrived at DFW airport last night at 9:15pm, and sat in line to go through customs and immigration until 10:45pm. We had to make a pit stop at Layne's office to do a favor for his co-worker (my husband is such a giving man), and finally made it back to the house at 11:45pm. We unpacked. We repacked. We crashed at 12:30, and woke to the alarm clock at 4:15am. We both made our flights, and now Layne is enjoying some time in New Jersey and I'm enduring the humidity in Houston. It's been a whirlwind of a day, and I'm looking forward to crashing in a little while.

I'll post more about our AMAZING weekend later, but I couldn't resist telling you about what we saw in Mexico City. (We had a layover there on our way to the airport in Cancun.)

Did you know that there is a company, Irisys, who makes an infrared device that can detect fever? So anyone who has a body temperature higher than 38deg C (We were in Mexico, Fahrenheit is for us Americans) sets off an alarm indicating that they may have a fever! It was amazing. As we passed through immigration, there was a camera that took a heat measurement and a body temperature, allowing the airport to scan the masses effectively. Mexico City is now the largest city in the world (so we were told) with 35 million people. I gotta admit, I was impressed, and felt entirely safe about our great adventure into the middle of the Swine Flu madness. I know I'm a dork, but you just have to love the luxuries technology affords us all.

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