Friday, April 3, 2009

From the Red Balloon

Most of you have met Jessica Newell, one of our good friends, who Layne met when he first moved to Dallas almost seven years ago. The best way to describe Jessica is stated on her facebook page- She's a media maven, cupcake queen, and puppy momma. Now I have a special plate in my heart for her beautiful dogs, Mia and Macy, and I have a special place in my tummy for the delicious treats she's always whipping together. But today, I need to let everybody know about the other side of Jess, the professional side, our little media maven.

Jess works for the public relations department at Children's Hospital in Dallas. She has covered some amazing stories, and has helped educate our community with heart warming and endearing stories as well as informative tid-bits we could all should know. In order to keep up with the every changing communications industry, Jessica has developed a great idea to open up the good news about Children's hospital to people all over the country, and I want you to check it out.

Send the link to your friends, read a few of the articles. Bookmark it, look at it on your new 3G iPhone while you're waiting for class to start, or sitting in line at the drive through. Going to nursing school? Then take that initiative to gain additional knowledge. Jess is a great writer, and I know you'll be impressed. Don't believe me? Check it out for yourself....

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Jessica said...

Thank you, Mitz! I appreciate your support, and I thank you for introducing the Children's blog to your network that stretches far and wide!