Monday, April 13, 2009

Energizer Bunnies.... We just keep going and going...

Here's a glimpse of the next few weeks:

April 9-12: A wonderful Easter weekend in New Orleans, filled with boiled shrimp, crawfish, good beer, relaxing at the fly watching the sunset of the river, sno-balls, and quality family time. It was perfect.

April 17-19: Camping at South Llano State Park with Christen and Steven, Nick and Lilie. Great people, great weekend. Can't wait- and I'm evening looking forward to the LONG drive south!

April 24-26: Back in NoLA. We've got a family friend's wedding on Saturday, and Doody's Honey-Do Crawfish Boil Shower on Sunday. We're celebrating my 26th birthday with the family that weekend too. Wohoo!

May 1-3: Open weekend. Thank God. I think by that point, we'll need it. Our lawn will also be in desperate need of some TLC by that point.

May 8-10: Back in NoLA. Mark Armstrong graduates from Loyola on Saturday. Mother's Day Crawfish Boil Pool Party on Sunday at Uncle Paul D's and Aunt Cindy's house on Sunday.

(Our newest housemate moves up to Dallas this week, and we couldn't be more excited! Lauren Simoneaux is interning in Dallas this summer, and will be living in Stephen's bedroom for the summer. Can't wait!)

May 14-17: Back in NoLA. Again. Abby is graduating from LSU on Friday, and Ted is graduating from Holy Cross on Saturday. On Friday night, Abby and Doody are having a crawfish boil graduation party at their new house in Chalmette. With a trampoline. Shot block anyone?

May 21-24: Memorial Day Weekend. I'm flying solo. Reminder: Must see what Lo has planned. Layne is flying to Chicago. Bachelor party for Doody with 20 of the rowdiest guys I know attending. All three Armstrong boys, the Orkus boys, the Donnelly boys... enough said.

May 29-31: Open weekend. Again, yard will probably be in desperate need of TLC.

June 4-7: Abby's bachelorette party in Dallas. Layne is getting evicted, and is spending the weekend in Austin with friends. Our house will never be the same again!

June 11-14: Orkus/Donnelly Wedding Weekend (EEeek! So close!)

June 19-21: Recovery weekend.

June 26-28: Cocchiara wedding weekend in Arizona with Mom, Dad, G-Baby and Layne.

That's right. Only three weekends in Dallas until the end of June. Life is going to be CRAZY for the next three months, but we're looking forward to the quality time and getting to see so many people. I'm going to have to be a domestic godess and Super-Wife to pull off everything we want to do and to stay organized so that we can function while still working 12 hour days through the week. We'll keep you posted as our adventures unfold. Hope everyone had a Happy Easter!

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