Wednesday, April 8, 2009


They are the people you can always call, at any time, night or day. They're the people who will stop what they're doing (burning dryers included), to listen when you need someone to cry to. They are the people who know your tone of voice, and will hop on a plane with a moments notice when they know that you really need a hand to hold. They are family.

It doesn't mean we all have the same parents, or descend from one common ancestral line. One definition in the dictionary defines a family as a group of people who are brought together because of a common origin, characteristics, or occupation.

Not only do I have an amazing family, but I have an amazingly large family. While it stems from my family of origin, my grandparents friends, my parents friends, my aunts and uncles friends, my siblings and cousins friends, have become my family. What's the common characteristic that we share? Love. It's as simple as that.

And when your days are long and the road gets bumpy- there is no better thought to reflect on then the amazing family and support structure that I have in my life.

I'm looking forward to heading home on Friday. With the exception of Abby's shower weekend, one day for Mardi Gras, and our wedding (none of which really count), Layne and I haven't spent a weekend together with our family in New Orleans since Thanksgiving. It's been too long.

NoLA or Bust! Here we come... and we couldn't more excited about it!

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