Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Walls Are Bare

It's official. As of last night, everything has come down off the walls. Layne and I wrapped and packed most of everything that was hanging, and I'm sure we'll finish the rest tonight while we're watching Game 7. Our closing appointment is set up from a week from today, and the utilities have been cancelled. We scheduled the movers to come next Friday, and Stephen has graciously offered to help us drive the U-Haul full of furniture back to Louisiana. (Thank you Steve Eaux! You're a lifesaver! I'll make it up to you.)

The house looks strange now, but Layne and I are so excited. We can't wait to get into the loft and make it our new home... and reap the benefits of downtown living. It's an exciting weekend in our lives, and between work, school, packing, a birthday celebration, and father's day.... we'll be getting the keys to our new place before we know it. Can't wait to have everyone over. Summer is here, and it's definitely time for a little Sunday Funday Pool Club!

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