Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Checking In..

Well Hello World! It feels so nice to be connected to you via the Internet. We couldn't get ours set up until July 14th, so until them I'll have to be creative and think ahead. We love the loft. We definitely need to get better organized, but it's coming along. I know we're going to like the lifestyle here. Right now I am at the public library which is RIGHT NEXT DOOR! I'm like a five year old on Christmas. I came over to do some accounting homework, and to pick up a casual read for the cruise.

New Blog Topic: I leave for a cruise. Tomorrow. I fly into New Orleans tomorrow morning and board the boat, and fly back to Dallas on Monday afternoon. It'll be a quick trip since I've got a final next week, but I'm really looking forward to it. Layne will be catching up after his trip to Boston in the big D this weekend. Don't feel bad for him though- he's hitting up Vegas in a few weeks for his cousin's bachelor party... he'll be fine.

I promise to send pictures (as soon as I find the camera). And we can't wait to have everyone over to check out the new pad. Miss you all much and hope to talk to you soon as things start to calm down!

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