Friday, June 4, 2010

My Data Plan is Essential

You know, I got my first Blackberry on my very first day of work in Dallas. And for years, it was essential. It was attached at the hip, and I didn't leave work without it. Maybe work wasn't that intense all the time, but I had become so. If I didn't check my emails every hour they would get out of control, or I thought they would. My world completely changed when I lost my job though. The email pool dried up. As long as I check them once a day I'm fine. My needs for a cell phone changed. I wasn't looking at spreadsheets and PDF files anymore. My phone is strictly for personal use now, and communication is what its about. And now my data plan is essential again, but for a different reason. Technology allows me to share all kind of moments with my family and friends. Here are just a few...

The Little Things, Like Costume Changes
And Big Things Like New Holes In The Wall
Grace Sporting Our MCA Gym Shirt
Gregory Spent The Day Hiking In Arizona
Cullen's Men's Cross Country Runner of the Year

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