Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Mystery Revealed

All my life, I've never understood why there aren't more college football games at night. I mean, come on, we all understand how powerful Louisiana Saturday nights are. You have a longer time to tailgate, the anticipation for kickoff has time to build up... I mean, who really wants to be watching a football game before their coffee has had time to kick in? Not me.

But after my first Big 10 football game (more to come soon), I finally understand why they aren't more night games.... the weather. Today was a perfect Saturday for college football. Indiana took on Wisconsin with the sun shining and the weather in the mid-60's. But what if it was a 6pm kickoff, after the sun had set? The weather would be in the mid-30s, and who would want to put up with that? For LSU vs. Florida, or LSU vs. Bama... yeah, I'd put up with whatever extreme the Lord threw our way... but not in the Big Ten. Not in the Big East. Not when you can barely feel your fingers and your toes. There are limits to the madness when football isn't what sustains a way of life. I'm in basketball country, and it shows.

So after 26 years, I get it. Football is important up north, but its not worth putting yourself through hell for it. So kickoff is during the day, so you can get back to the heaters by nightfall. And while I understand the beauty of a 7pm kickoff, I don't blame them for it. Two weeks of this weather, and I understand.

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