Saturday, November 7, 2009

Hoosier Momma

That's right... I'm officially a Hoosier Mom these days, so I went out to tailgate and represent the Indiana pride that I have. Below in white is Taryn, a Traveling Leadership Consultant with Zeta Tau Alpha who is staying with us at the Alpha Xi house until Tuesday. She and I headed out this morning to hit the campus, and bumped into some of our seniors along the way.
No- this isn't a picture of the home side before the game started. Attendance is just that poor. I knew IU football is struggling, but I was really surprised by this. I can't imagine the last football game I went to where the stadium was so empty- even McNeese filled up better than this. Especially since its a Big Ten conference game, Indiana vs. Wisconsin. When was the last SEC matchup you saw that was this deserted?
One really awesome thing about the stadium that I loved is the miniature football field that runs along side the end zone for all of the kids to play on. They were out there all game throwing the football, and it looks like they had a blast. They even had benches on one side of the field with Gatorade set out for the kids. It really was too cute.
IU's Marching 100 were a blast to watch play. Similar to the Golden Band from Tigerland, there is a lot of movement and a lot of dancing done by the band. And yes, all of the seats above them really were deserted.
I love me a good marching band, and IU was fun to watch. When members weren't playing their instrument, they were dancing along in sync with each other... in step with the rest of the band. It reminded me of St. Aug's band, without the soul.
It was a close game, much closer than the stats said it should have been. Indiana held on tight, but ended up losing to #21 Wisconsin 31-28. Taryn and I enjoyed the experience, and then headed up for the matchup of the weekend, LSU vs. Alabama. I enjoyed my first Big 10 experience. I'm thrilled to knock another stadium off the list. But now it's time to get back to the big boys... my boys. GEAUX TIGERS!

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