Monday, November 16, 2009

I - L - L - I - N - I !

Along the road to Aunt Paula's house in Illinois, Layne and I made a pit stop in Urbana/Champagne to fill our tank with gas and check out the University of Illinois. One of Layne's best friends, Ben Newell, went to school here. I love checking out college campuses as it is, and even more when I have friends or family who attended that school.

So here are some interesting facts I've learned about the University of Illinois since I've moved up to the Midwest: It's really hard to get into the University of Illinois. The school has the 10th largest undergraduate enrollment in US, and is known for one of the top five engineering programs in the country. Several of the girl who are from the Chicago area come to Indiana because they couldn't get into U of I. (You rock Ben!)

I'll be honest, it doesn't make my 10 top "Most Beautiful Campuses" list, but that may very well be because the leaves have fallen and fall has passed us by. It's not a far drive from where I am now, and I would love to be able to make it back for a basketball game before I head home.

When I was a freshman at LSU, we played the University of Illinois in the Sugar Bowl. Ben and his friends were actually in New Orleans for the game, lighting up the town. I'm glad I was able to experience a piece of his past. And while I never dreamt I'd proclaim it...
I - L - L - I - N - I!
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Ben said...

You just need someone to give you a tour. We actually have a quite beautiful campus. Particularly the engineering campus. I will see our spaceship that landed on the edge of campus isn't very accessible, but makes a pretty rowdy, orange crowd come basketball season.