Sunday, June 28, 2009

Spending the 4th Where?!?

That's right... in a last minute decision, Layne and I have made plans to join the Newell's (Ben and Jessica) and the Nace's (Annie and Tyler) in Mexico for the 4th of July! Annie's (who is one of Layne's good friends from Texas A&M) older sister and husband and a few of their couple friends are also going to be joining us here: Or you could say we'll be joining them... since we made plans today to fly to Mexico on Thursday!

Last minute... yes.
Slightly impulsive... yes.
Could we resist... no.

Layne's best friend, Ben, and his wife Jessica are expecting their firstborn (A GIRL!) in December, and we didn't want to miss this last opportunity to travel with them. It'll be our first international vacation with "couples," and we're looking forward to it. We've spent so much time this past year traveling to New Orleans and just trying to keep up with the hectic pace of things, it'll be great to have some quality time with our friends and a great way to start the summer. We weren't planning a vacation anytime soon, but just couldn't pass up the opportunity. So here's to pina coladas (both virgin and spiked) on the gorgeous Mexico coast, just a few miles north of Cancun!

Can't wait to get another passport stamp!

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Jessica said...

Virgin pina coladas, here we come! I figure we'll have to eat twice as much food to make up for all the free alcohol we won't be drinking. :)

Actually, just point me to the nearest hammock, and I'm golden.

Got any trashy beach reads I can borrow?

Woo hoo for vacation!