Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Lucky as a Leprechaun

My brother Gregory is as lucky as a leprechaun. He must have an extra surge of Irish blood in him- and yes, that is a picture of the freeze frame of my brother on national television. Layne and I got so excited when we saw him, we started chanting "G-Baby, G-Baby!" My phone started ringing and the texts came flooding in. I can't imagine how many people were blowing Greg-O up at the time. Gregory being on TV doesn't come as much of a surprise. Gregory has always stood out in a crowd, especially when he was younger, despite the fact that he was so short and looked young for his age. His charismatic personality took care of that. And all of my siblings have made the TV and front page of the paper at national title games. It's not just me that is obsessed- its in our genes.

He was sitting in backed seating, on the first row, 15 feet to the right of the foul line in left field. They were Wally Pontiff Sr.'s seats that got passed along through a friend of a friend. Only Greg. He caught a Texas homerun in batting practice, and threw it right back at them, which was definitely the Tiger mentality last night. The game kept me up WAY past my bedtime, I was way to jacked up to fall asleep, which resulted in me running half an hour late this morning. No bueno, but I'll survive.

I'll admit, heading into the 9th inning I was a little nervous. I mean, I am seriously surrounded by Longhorn grads, and the men I work with do not feel the need to treat me with kid gloves. The harassment is harsh, and I didn't know if my emotions can handle it. Good thing our Tigers pushed through.

Greg called when the last batter came up to the plate. I heard the crowd go wild. It was exhilarating. It's great, to be, an LSU TIGER! (I mean, really, how many people have the collegiate sporting experiences my siblings and I have shared since 2001?)

I played it cool this morning. I don't want to be too cocky, so I didn't initiate any conversations. But the boys couldn't resist- they came to me. I've got on a floor length purple sun dress, LSU earrings, and a clunky bracelet with purple stones and gold lining passed on from Mom to Abby to me. It's a suttle statement, but the message comes through. Surprising, the guys have noticed the bracelet and commented on my LSU accessories. I was impressed. It's gameday, we're playing for a national championship... our program has returned to glory. It's time to tie Texas for the 2nd most wins in the College World Series, and then make our move to break USC's record of 12 Title's. I remember the 90's... 5 out of 11 visits we took it all. It could happen. Paul Maneri could definitely be the next Skip Bertman (...who I thanked God for last night. What an advocate for my alma mater!)

Sidenote: I'm officially twittering, and if you have an iPhone, it is easy, awesome, amazing. Huge fan. The reason I mentioned it is because Les Miles a twitterer too. I don't know if its really him, but I assume it is (I believe in seeing the good in things, and it sounds like him), and it was AMAZING to watch his response to the game last night. He was pumped, he really believed in the Tigers, and truly thought we were going to pull through. It was so cool to see a coach have so much faith in a team, just like he had in the 2008 BCS National Championship team. No wonder I love him as our head coach. Have I mentioned its only 74 days left?

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