Wednesday, May 13, 2009

She's Always in My Heart...

My Granny is always in my heart. You probably know this though, since you all have heard me mention her. Granny is my Mom's Mom... and losing her was harder than I imagined it would be. I thought it would be easier, since it's natural for grandparents to pass away before their grandchildren... but I don't think I will ever completely adjust to her absence (Grandpa's too!). That's just the kind of role my grandparents played in my life.

Not having Granny and Grandpa with us on the day I married Layne was... well, sad. I'm blessed though. I was surprised with a piece of lace from my grandmothers wedding dress on my bouquet of flowers. My mother had a picture of my grandparents sitting in the same place she and my dad sat that she held during the service. I know they were with me. And now, I have another way my grandparents will always be with my wedding experience.

Granny loved Pete Fountain. (For those of you not familiar with his music, you should be. He's amazing.) Layne listened to some of his cassette tapes, and enjoys Pete Fountain now too. When Granny passed, that's what Layne got... Pete Fountain cassette tapes.

We've been trying to decide what music we should have on our wedding video, and this weekend, it clicked. Pete Fountain's Dixie Jubilee! It makes me smile, because it's a beautiful reminder that my Granny got to meet the man I love and will spend my life with. It's a beautiful reminder of the time that they did get to share together.

Life may not always go the way you wish it could, but there are always ways to appreciate the life you have been given. So here's to you my Granny. You may not physically have been with me that night, but I will never sit down and re-live those memories without the reminder that in your own special way, you truly were right by our side.

(Layne and Granny right before she passed away, enjoying a nap together. This is one of my favorite pictures of all time. I love my husband.)

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