Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Scholastic Book Fair

Hehe. Happy Birthday to me- at least that is how I'm justifying my most recent splurge. The Scholastic Book Fair is at my office this week. They come quarterly, and I love it. My sister and I both have a shopping fetish, which we've inherited from our mother. Only Abby's weakness is clothes, shoes, purses, and mine is books. It's an issue that has deeply impacted my pocketbooks, so I stay away. I've borrowed books from co-workers, Amy Armstrong and Nanny, I've been putting my library card to good use (did you know Laura Bush and I frequent the same library?), and let's be honest, I have 20+ unread books at my house right now. So I know... I should stay away. Except I saw a purse... a tote bag to be specific. It's isn't a Vera Bradley Java Blue (like the wallet you see in front of you), but they are similar enough, and it is perfect for frequent plane rides on the weekends. (I've got a java blue collection I've been working on over the years.) Isn't it purty?

I questioned whether I should get the bag or not, and then thought, "What would Abby do?" Needless to say, I'll be going home with two bags this evening. Hope the husband takes it well. :)
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