Tuesday, May 19, 2009

She Did It... And Everyone Knows!

This past weekend Layne and I traveled back to Louisiana (again) for Abby's graduation from LSU! And yes- the picture you see above is Abby, on the front page of the Baton Rouge Advocate. That's her and three of her friends singing the alma mater together. I could go on about Abby's many accomplishments, but I'll let all the ropes around her neck do that. What am I really impressed about? My sister has a knack for being on the front page of the paper. The National Championship game... her Graduation... I love it. She didn't see the photographer until he came up and asked for their names, so what you're seeing is true joy. It's awesome that all four of us went to LSU, and that our time together all overlapped. We all have a passion for purple and gold, and it's been great to share that with my siblings.
Congratulations Sissy! Enjoy your summer off, and best of luck in nursing school. From what I hear, you'll need it!

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Jessica said...

How awesome is that?! As a news hound, myself, I can only imagine how excited your family is to see Abby's beautiful face smiling back at you from the FRONT page!