Saturday, September 12, 2009

3 Day Expo

Today was the Breast Cancer 3 Day in Grand Prairie. My husband braved the bad weather with me to go check out the event and so I could get more motivation for my 60 mile walk. (My 10 mile walk in the sun kicked my butt this week). I learned how to put our tent together for the event, got all the paperwork I needed so Amy and I know what to bring and what to leave at home, and got an eye full of pink. There were several moments when I teared up at the event.

I was so moved by the magnitude of the event I'm participating in and the number of people who are involved. I was so moved by the number of women who have been affected by this disease. The numbers of survivors brought tears to my eyes- but so did the number of people who are no longer with us today.

At the event, all participants will sleep out in pink tents that are provided by the 3 day organization. There was a white tent though today, for everyone to write on. It was the "In Remembrance" tent. There was were so many names, so many women, so many mothers who are no longer with us. And every name on that tent represents a family, group of friends and loved ones who have been touched by this disease. Each name represents a loss- someone who isn't with us today. The tears flowed freely as I stood in front of this tent. My heart ached for those who have lost someone in their life, and at the same time, my heart was filled with thanksgiving that my momma is still with me today.

It was a powerful moment. It was a beautiful reminder that I am participating in something much bigger than myself, and that I am truly making a difference in this world. Amy and I have to raise $2,300 each to walk in the 3 Day. We're six weeks out from the event, and we've already raised $925. I know we're going to make our goal, and I can't wait to share such a special weekend with Amy.

For all of the women in my life- this is for us. For our mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, daughters... one day, one day... we'll have found the cure.

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