Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits...

Another fun day with Reece filled with more laughter...

Mitzi: Reece, do you know who is coming to our house tonight?
Reece: Aunt Mitzi, I don't want to talk right now.
(Who do you think she gets that from??)

Reece: Can I have skittles today?
Mitzi: Sure Reece. If we go somewhere and then have skittles, we can get some.
1pm: We pulled into the gas station.
Reece: Should I unbuckle Aunt Mitzi?
Mitzi: No Reece, I just need to pump gas. Keep your seat belt on.
Reece: But you said we could get skittles today...
(She doesn't forget A THING!)

11am, We were watching the Leap Frog Letter Factory Movie
Reece: When Elly grows up, Addie and I are going to give her the Letter Factory so she can learn her ABC's and sounds like a big girl too.
Mitzi: Reece! That's such a sweet thing to say. I bet that would make Jessica very happy.
Reece: Let's call and tell her then. It's good to make people smile.
(And so we called Ben and Jess. Reece was thrilled.)

Reece and I were looking at blogs today. We were looking and pictures of Elly, Braden, and Vivian.
Reece: Is Vivian a little baby?
Mitzi: Yeah Reece, she's 3 months old now.
Reece: She sure does have a lot of hair for a little baby.
(How observant is that! Thought it would make you laugh Monica!)

I'm enjoying our arts and crafts, watching movies, wrapping Christmas gifts, and running errands together. Tonight, Mrs. Carmen and Mr. Wayne are getting in town. They are staying with Layne and I for the week, we'll have Reece and Addie tomorrow. We're going to go see The Princess and The Frog, and make Christmas cookies with NaNa. Can't wait!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Holiday week!

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Jessica said...

You're right! Your phone call did make our day. :) And so did these last two posts - too funny! Merry Christmas, Mitz!