Friday, March 20, 2009

I Miss My Brother

Stephen has been gone for two weeks now. Don't get me wrong- I love living with just Layne for the first time ever. But there were some definite benefits about having my brother live with us.

  1. I never got homesick for NoLA. A piece of home was here with me.
  2. Who is going to help me open the jelly when I go home to make a sandwich for lunch?
  3. We always had a friend hanging out with us at the house.
  4. Stephen was always up for the midnight grocery run to Wal-Mart. Layne thinks Wal-Mart is Satan in disguise.
  5. We lost our personal trainer (who we should have taken better advantage of).
  6. Stephen actually learned to cook- and he was good at it.
  7. It was nice to split chores for a 2300 sq foot house between three people.
  8. The house is too big for just the two of us. It seems a little empty now.
  9. Stephen called me out on my BS in a way Layne never dreamed of. He kept me in line.
  10. My siblings are some of my closest friends. I didn't have friends in Dallas when I moved out here, and it was a nice change having one of them with me here in Dallas.

Sometimes, I go sit in the back bedroom and stare at the Lil Wayne poster because it reminds me of Stephen. But that's okay. I'm sure after I clean his bathroom this weekend I'll be singing another tune.

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