Monday, October 11, 2010

Sissy is headed to Dallas!

Sometime in life, things just work out. I love when that happens.

I got a phone call this weekend from my sister Abby. Her teacher cancelled clinicals on Thursday and Friday because she is going to a conference. Abby already has Wednesdays off this semester, and is playing hookie on Tuesday to get up here early. All of a sudden, I went from not seeing my sister until Christmas to having a week together. I. AM. SO. EXCITED.

Doody and Layne are really great men. They are giving up their time with their spouse, their money (because Abby and I are students with no income), and their reward points (Thank you Southwest!) so that their wives can have some quality time together. I am so appreciative, and I feel so loved.

There is nothing like time with your sister, especially with a sister like Abby. She's like a fresh whirlwind that blows through your life and leaves everything for the better.

Lucky me.


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