Monday, October 4, 2010

Meet Miss Vivian

This past weekend, Layne and I drove up to Bloomington, Illinois, to see his cousin Keith get married. We had a great time with our extended family, and cherish the times when we can together with his cousins. While we were in town, we had some quality time with Chad (Keith's older brother) and his wife Monica, and their two children Braden and Vivian. Vivian just turned one this week, and we were able to watch her learn to walk in front of our eyes. 

This beautiful blue eyed baby just stole our hearts. 
How can you refuse those big baby blues?

One day she's learning to walk, and the next she's running up the cell phone bill talking to her friends about nothing all night. They grow up too fast.
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Monica Ramsey said...

Awe... how very, very sweet! And you're right, if she's like her momma she'll run up a huge phone bill! Great to see you guys this weekend!