Friday, September 17, 2010

Thankful on a Thursday

Once again time has flown by, and I am so behind on my blogging. I missed TOAT last week because of our vacation in Mexico, definitely not due to a lack of things to be thankful for. I am so blessed, and focusing on those blessings really makes life easier to handle. No point in waiting, let's get started!
19.) The Dallas Public Library Central Branch
If you look to the left side, you can see a smaller, red brick building... that's where I live! I love living around the corner for the library, and enjoy my weekly visits. Before we left for Mexico, Layne and I took a walk over to check out a few books for our trip. It was a nice walk, and I had fun with Layne in the library. Let's be honest though, when do I not enjoy the library? I am so thankful to have the library at my disposal- it's my favorite activity when I want to relax.

20.) I am thankful for Colin Cowherd- my favorite ESPN radio talkshow host.
Let's be honest- I spend most of my days alone right now. My office is my home office, and there are a limited number of people to bump into at the water cooler. The way I keep my sanity? My friend Colin. I enjoy his show, even when I disagree with him. I think he's funny and witty, and I enjoy our time together between 9am-Noon.

21.) Love, the greatest of all things.
The main reason we went to Mexico were to see our friends Sharon and Brandon become Mr. & Mrs. Sorrell. All I can say is that love is something beautiful. It's like magic. There is nothing better than to see your friends find their soul mate, and I know Layne enjoyed seeing one of his best friends from college commit herself to the person who makes her whole. I am thankful for love, because it warms my heart. It fills me with hope. It reminds me of what is important in life. Love is the greatest of all things (Thank you Zeta Tau Alpha creed), and being surrounded by it was something special.

22.) The US Postal Service
I am so spoiled. My mom sends me mail 2-3 times a week. My sister sends me mail all the time too. I love going check the mail box, and can't wait to see what was sent. My mom sends me clippings from the newspaper, magazine articles, wedding programs... everything and anything that keeps me connected to New Orleans. And my sissy, well, she sends short, sweet, and simple notes (usually with a treat, like some stationary, or M shaped post-it notes) that remind you she is always right there with me, no matter how far apart or busy we are. I am so thankful for mail, it brightens my mood on a bad day and reminds me of blessed I am.

23.) I am thankful for Weight Watchers, and the free iPhone App for it.
Eating right has become a priority in this household, and Weight Watchers makes is easy. This is my first week and I'm down 4 lbs., and I know it's going to get better from here. Having the iPhone app has completely changed the WW game. There are no books and a whole bagful of materials to carry around- it's all on the phone. Efficient, effective, time and space saver, which makes it easier to grocery shop and plan ahead. Week One: Score Mitzi

23.) I'm thankful for the ability to teach myself and learn.
Another semester has started, and I've just finished the first round of grades for both of my classes. I'm only taking two classes this semester, Economics and Decision Solving. My decision solving class is a handful. Seriously- I called Layne minutes after I bought it, panicking, because I thought it was written in a different language. I took a lot of time, and it took patience and work, but I did it. I've got a 95 in Econ and a 90 in DSCI after the first go round. I'm now confident in my ability to manage these classes throughout the semester.

25) I'm thankful for Collins Tuohy and the JLD
This week I was able to go hear Collins Tuohy, real-life sister of Michael Oher from The Blind Side, speak at a Junior League general membership meeting. What a great speaker! The Junior League's focus is to promote voluntarism, develop the potential of women, and improve the community, and I think Collins touched upon each of those in her own way. She shared intimate stories of her relationship with Michael, like the time she asked him to help move her from her dorm room to the Kappa Delta sorority house, and he showed up with the entire offensive line. They were personal, and I enjoyed learning more about the real Tuohy/Oher family. The thing I love about the JLD is the women- there is something empowering about developing relationships with amazing women and working together on something bigger than ourselves. I'm so blessed to have this outlet in my life.

26.) I am thankful for Louisiana State University, and I wish I walking across campus right now.
It's Fall Fest, and the Friday before the first home game of the season. The parade ground is filled with people. Tents are popping up. The RVs are pulling into the lot across from CEBA (it will never be the Patrick Taylor building to me). Fall and football season are upon us, and it doesn't get any better in Baton Rouge than this. I work a College Fair this week, as a volunteer for LSU, and spent a few hours sharing my love for the university, and thinking about what it's done for me. I remembered a t-shirt I used to have, and had to find it to share.

That was alot, but I couldn't resist. Life has been good to me. I hope everybody has a great weekend!

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